How to help remote working call center agents perform at their best

How to help remote working call center agents perform at their best

The times are changing. An increasing number of people work from home. And with the imminent second wave of coronavirus, it doesn’t look like they’ll flock back into the office any time soon. In fact, many companies have incorporated remote working into their post-COVID-19 plans as well. But what about call center agents? How to provide them with the right information, so they can work from home in a smooth, efficient, optimized way?

Why you need to make remote working work

What’s interesting is that employees generally like working remotely. Absenteeism has dropped, and a lot of companies have a happier workforce (more on this in our next blog post). Since it’s working for them, you have got to find a way to make it work for your organization, too. Management tends to find it difficult to cope with the new normal, because employees regularly need to make decisions all by themselves now. They’re not in the same room, so briefly consulting with each other on ad-hoc matters is often impossible. Now more than ever, they require the right tools, so they can make the right decisions.

Towards an integral, cross-silo picture

Here’s a pitfall many companies have fallen into: bringing the physical contact center to agents’ living rooms. They merely show their employees standard data, such as the queue and the number of available agents. Great, but that’s silo information. The question is, how do silos intercommunicate? Call center agents need to see an integral, cross-silo picture on their desktops: from current customer satisfaction rates to outstanding tickets on the brink of the timeline you’ve agreed on with your customers. Only then, they’ll have actionable information, which they can use to make the right decisions — from the comfort of their own remote workplace!

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