How to retain highly skilled contact center employees

Recently, we visited a number of European countries, repeatedly encountering one common question: How do we retain highly skilled customer contact center employees? A fair thing to ask, as several media have reported that it’s getting increasingly difficult to have these much sought-after talents commit to your company. They are always on the lookout, tempted to leave once a better opportunity shows up. This emanates from the sad-but-true fact that working in an customer contact center has lost its allure over time.

So let’s have an in-depth look at this issue. How do you retain talented employees?

Make them want to stay!

It all starts with understanding where people are coming from. Today’s highly skilled employees require a stimulating environment that challenges them in every regard. Simple tasks have been automated, yet many companies try to turn them into assembly line workers. So value their competences and acknowledge their needs. That is, if you want to distinguish your business from the competition. Because they, too, are looking for your employees’ skills – the ones that you’ve discovered and invested in.

The bottom line is, unique employees who deliver a high level of customer satisfaction are invaluable. Having such qualitative skills in your contact center means that you should provide a competitive working environment. This way, your employees will feel at home, and they’ll want to stay.

From theory to practice: how to go about it?

First and foremost, highly skilled employees wish to make their own decisions and are capable of doing so – whether on an individual level, within their respective teams, or company-wide. So give them a little breathing space – or, better yet, freedom and trust. Furthermore, put your money where your mouth is: create the working environment that elicits a feeling of connection with your organization’s vision and vibration. It will make your dearest talents proud of where they work, and they’ll stick around for a long time!

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