Roadmap to Visualization: from ‘define’ to ‘communicate’ in 5 steps

By now, you have probably come to associate Texas Digital with Visual Management. That’s correct, because we support organizations with professional services in this field. But did you know that the way in which we realize our clients’ organizational objectives comprises a very creative process? We don’t simply deliver a solution. If you decide to work with Texas Digital, we join forces with you to implement a unique 5-step process. Allow us to elaborate!

1. Define

What data would you like to visualize? That’s the first question we’ll ask. The answer is usually discussed with business management. There is a lot of data, and we need to define what specific information you wish to display in which form and context. While doing so, it is important to remember the objective of the digital notification board, which is to better manage employees and increase their commitment.

2. Disclose

Next, IT management should be involved to answer two main questions: Which data must be disclosed? And is it possible to disclose the data? If so – which is the case 95% of the time – we can move on to step 3.

3. Aggregate

The collected information is now brought together in Texas Digital’s system. Almost simultaneously, we embark on another creative process…

4. Manage

The data you’ve chosen to display must be presented in the right form and way. So the key question is: How are we going to communicate the information? At this stage, we enter a creative design process – again, with business management. Texas Digital provides you with expert Visualization advice, so you can make informed decisions. You also have the option of adding ad-hoc and/or scheduled messages or branding data visualization with digital signage by pulling VitalCAST into the game. It’s up to you!

5. Communicate

At last, it is time for your digital notification board to go live. In no time, you’ll start reaping the benefits of better management and higher employee commitment!

Want to know what a digital notification board can do for your organization? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your opportunities.

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