Rid yourself of SLA- and KPI-thinking: time for the digital notification board!

Rid yourself of SLA- and KPI-thinking: time for the digital notification board!

SLAs are nothing new. Virtually every company has them and tries to live by their rules. Traditionally, a wallboard is the tool which organizations tend to use to achieve this goal. It displays information that’s made available from one single system, keeping you up to date. Useful, you say? We’re here to argue that it’s obsolete and all wrong. Allow us to explain!

Quantity or quality?

Let’s assume you’re using a wallboard to keep track of your SLA compliance. Do you seem to book results in accordance with your SLAs? Well, that’s good news, right? By the end of the day, you give a shout-out to your team. After an inevitable self-imposed applause and some good old high fiving, everyone goes home feeling great. Targets have been reached – off to the next day.

All seems well. But is it, really? Or was your excitement a little premature? Suppose you’ve answered lots of calls, thus achieving the desired results in terms of figures and ticking off the all-important ‘SLA box.’ Don’t rejoice just yet. First, you need to know how customers feel after having talked to you. Reaching SLA targets isn’t worth an awful lot if customer satisfaction turns out to be low. And a traditional wallboard simply won’t show you this type of information. So what should you do?

Embrace the digital notification board

The digital notification board is the answer to your issues. A means of communication that visualizes aggregated data, it shows your SLA targets combined with customer satisfaction. You will get a veracious feel of employee-customer contact, which results in a more qualitative approach.

So forget KPIs. They deal with things such as service levels and the number of people waiting in the queue. What you should focus on are conversion rates, sales targets, and other results arising from customer satisfaction. KPIs only represent numbers, whereas digital notification aggregates various results-related figures. That’s what your organization needs to book real, long-term progress!

Want to know what a digital notification board can do for your organization? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your opportunities.

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