Staff shortage and how to prevent it


More and more call centers struggle with a shortage of staff. They resemble a solid ship whose crew of well-meaning sailors is too small. Sometimes these sailors aren’t sure what course to sail. They lack real-time or complete data. As a result, the sailors lose their confidence in the organization. And sometimes they don’t recognize the organization’s corporate identity on the screens that visualize data — they don’t know whose flag they’re flying. In some cases, information screens work most of the time but not at critical moments. This causes uncertainty in day-to-day operations. Sometimes people are forced to fall back on the mock-up of customer presentations. There are not enough sailors for that amount of work.


The lack of real-time information may lead the ‘sailors’ to lose confidence in the data provided. The relationship between data on the screen and the real situation goes awry. In such cases, cynicism on the work floor is conceivable, as is irony (if things don’t work the way they should). The usefulness of data on the screen is questioned. All this may cause staff to doubt the data provided — and in the long run, they will no longer take the organization seriously. In fact, some sailors end up in sickbay for an extended period of time. The operational ship threatens to sink. Customers miss the boat. Some of those sailors who are so desperately needed sign on with another employer. The whole situation can and should be much better — and that’s definitely possible. Not with backseat drivers who never test the waters, but with old salts who have literally sailed the world’s oceans.


Texas Digital works with you to provide well-organized screens that display the real-time information your sailors can’t do without. This is accomplished through the way in which we select topical, relevant data. That specific information is initially collected through a workshop with employees who are selected across the hierarchy of the organization. Throughout, we pay attention to design, ensuring it aligns with your corporate branding style. Screens work 100% and are completely reliable. Employees can count on real-time information, which is crucial if customers and guests have questions, comments, or even complaints, and the organization’s performance is under pressure. Data is available to determine the course and thus inform customers, who greatly appreciate that. Employees consider the information and its meaning to be correct, uniform, and comprehensible. The result: loyal sailors who like to stay on board.


• Maximum confidence in the information provided so employees respond appropriately.
• Uniform visual environment that corresponds to the branding of the organization. That promotes loyalty to the organization.
• Cleanly, logically structured screen content that doesn’t distract but immediately clarifies organizational goals.
• Provides a solid explanation in moments when these organizational goals — and therefore performance — are under pressure. Employees will be able to explain what is happening, so customers and prospects will feel that the organization has insight into challenges.
• Prioritization of actions is clear for everyone who works with the system at all levels of the organization (a crucial point!).
• You will sail into the future in a carefree manner!

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