Wandering through the data forest


Sometimes the buzz of everyday life makes it difficult for call center employees to have a helicopter view of the entire operation. Even at the most well-organized centers, it’s a problem. Often, the roadblock is a lack of real-time, topical information, which forces people to get data from various interfaces. As a result, it’s hard to ensure the integrity of data, and people become disoriented. The right data is required, especially when they’re under time pressure. If it’s not available, your people may become less motivated — even more so if it happens on a regular basis. If you want to run your organization properly, you’ll provide employees and customers with an overview of the operational forest and the trees. The question is: How to go about it?


You may not realize the impact of a lack of real-time data. As described above, employees need to perform many time-consuming actions to obtain the right information. Sometimes they lack the knowledge to do so. After all, they’ve usually been hired to act based on data — not to collect information. This creates a situation in which your people can no longer see the metaphorical forest for the trees (and the branches and leaves will be completely indiscernible). The relationship between the current reality and data that is lagging behind fizzles out. Performance columns and spreadsheets are unreliable. The result: employees will make gut-based decisions and get lost in the forest! But there are proven solutions, such as that of Texas Digital Systems Europe.


Texas Digital Systems Europe’s solutions provide the required clarity and transparency, because they aptly show which information and data sources are (ir)relevant to operational (self-)management. By continuously evaluating this process, the user on the work floor can count on reliable information, based on which they can make well-considered decisions and find the right forest path. Relevant performance data is transparent, clear, and pleasant to work with. Steering information is compact and numbers correspond to reality. Real-time information is always at hand, and if employees want to dig deeper, more detailed information is readily available. They can obtain all this in the blink of an eye. Briefly put, they’ll have a helicopter view of the forest and the trees!


• There’s no need to perform tedious repetitive work to compile the same non-topical reports for the umpteenth time. It will save you a lot of time, and you won’t be annoyed over data being incorrect or non-topical on a daily basis.
• Clear performance — you’ll know exactly who’s responsible for which job.
• Optimal use of human capital.
• Employees are always involved in achieving company targets.
• There’s a clear distinction between the forest, the trees, and the path people should follow.

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