Texas Digital’s ‘Why:’ what makes us tick?

Better functioning organizations which achieve improved results: that’s what we strive for. Texas Digital aims to help its customers build their companies, so they can thrive and grow. Smooth and clear communication within and between teams is key in this regard. We believe that Visual Management is the linchpin, as one picture says more than a thousand words. In this blog, we’d like to elaborate on that vision by answering the following question: What is it that makes us tick?

Happy customers

Happy employees, happy customers: fostering vitality and energy

Happy employees perform better. If you think about this statement, it’s so logical that mentioning it seems superfluous. Unfortunately, it’s highly necessary to do so. Today, major companies are still hard at work to create a healthy organizational culture that allows their people to thrive. Usually, ‘vitality’ and ‘energy’ are keywords in their endeavors. Because if employees are comfortable in their own skin and feel…