Which umbrella will protect from an uncontrolled rain of information?

Which umbrella will protect from an uncontrolled rain of information?

The other day, I was walking my happy-go-lucky dogs when it suddenly started pouring. My four-footed friends didn’t mind, but I did. I had not brought an umbrella, and I wasn’t all too happy about my rain-soaked coat. Of course, I could have prevented this situation if I’d checked my weather app before going out the door. But in my defense, the app wasn’t working, and the sun shone brightly when I left the house.

It’s another example of why we can’t make gut-based decisions. We need hard-and-fast facts — the right ones, that is. Why is that especially true for remote working?

The right umbrella at the right time

We can’t stop the rain from falling. Whether it’s a drizzle or a cloudburst, all we can do is prepare for it and take our measures. If we get the right information on time, we’ll bring an umbrella and walk through the downpour without a worry in the world. We might even feel so confident that we’ll be Singin’ in the Rain like Gene Kelly, albeit without folding the umbrella.

Here’s the problem with most companies: they hand you an umbrella when there’s not a cloud in the sky, but once the first raindrops start to fall, you’re on your own. Or, more simply put, they shower you with information but fail to provide you with actionable, real-time data when you need them most.

How to keep your employees’ home offices dry

The problem gets bigger now that people increasingly work from home. When all contact center agents are in the office, they’re looking at the same performance board. So, if your Visual Management approach focuses on providing them with hands-on information, you’re definitely on the right track towards efficiency and optimization.

But remote working makes it more complex. Employees get to work with private dashboards, which are usually interactive. People can click on information and need to make decisions in the privacy of their own homes.

Here’s what that means: when it comes to tailoring information to the individual, you should step up your game. Each piece of information is like a raindrop. And if raindrops flood people’s home offices, your employees will feel overwhelmed and lost. So much for making well thought-out decisions!

So, you should hand every employee a solid umbrella before it starts raining. And there’s a name for that umbrella: Texas Digital. Want to explore your Visual Management opportunities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your information sharing strategy.

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