Why every ceiling is your next foundation: the importance of continuous improvement

Why every ceiling is your next foundation: the importance of continuous improvement

Most organizations aim to grow. But at some point, they might feel they’ve hit the proverbial glass ceiling. “We’re at the top of our game,” they say. “There is no way we can improve any further.”

Think you’ve reached that point? We challenge you to think again. There is no such thing as peaking. Glass ceilings exist to be broken. The minute one comes into view, consider it the next floor — not the pinnacle. Once you’ve reached your goal, set another. If you see every ceiling as a foundation for your next efforts, you’ll be part of an ongoing cycle called ‘continuous improvement.’

Ever-better customer experience

Here’s why it’s important never to stop improving: the moment you believe you can’t grow any further, the decline will set in. And in today’s rapidly changing world, where an ever-better customer experience is key, businesses can’t afford that. You should constantly look for ways to increase commitment and connection.

Amazon, for example, has understood this philosophy: its “Day 1” mentality is a culture and an operating model that puts customers at the center of everything the company does. The point is, if you treat every day like it’s the first, you’ll never lose your inquisitiveness. You will be open to change, and you’ll be able to adapt to changing circumstances.

Continuous improvement in practice

At some traditional customer contact centers, employees work in soundproof booths. All they see is a wallboard whose parameters have remained unchanged in the past few years. The result: employees are not involved in current processes and developments, so they can’t improve.

To make sure your organization grows, you should share actionable data in real time and convert your wallboard into a communication and performance board. Allow employees to use this data and communicate with each other. Trust that they’ll make the right decisions based on the information you provide them with.

To improve the process, you’ll have to ensure employees are part of it. That is how you will break through every ceiling, creating a new foundation you can collectively work from — time after time!

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