How to make optimal use of our resources in times of scarcity (or, my DIY epiphany moment)

How to make optimal use of our resources in times of scarcity (or, my DIY epiphany moment)

A few days ago my arm got stuck in the toilet during a failed DIY attempt to fix it. I’ll spare you the details — suffice to say I was home alone and my phone was not within reach. So, I had to wait until my wife got back from the grocery store to release me. I decided to distract myself (it was either that or panic, and I’m not a fan of the latter). I studied the walls, the floor, and, finally, the flush buttons. And, perhaps in the most unlikely of all places, I had an epiphany: these buttons are no less than genius. Hear me out, and you’ll understand what valuable Visual Management lesson they can teach the average company.

How can two buttons explain a complex issue?

Water is scarce—so much so that a collective effort is required to mitigate the consequences. But it’s not easy to get people to use water wisely, because most don’t see the urgency of the problem. As long as water streams from the faucet and they can shower as they please, the issue might as well not exist. And so the instructions become a burden. “Seriously?” they sigh. “You want me to count the minutes I’m in the shower? And I can’t run the hot faucet at full blast?”

The solution lies in visual simplicity. If you make it easy and understandable, people will jump on the environmental awareness train. But how to make a solid case for water?

Enter the wondrous pair of flush buttons. For small flushes, you push the tiny button on the right. Need a big flush? Voila! Your giant button on the left takes care of it. No need to explain that to anyone. It’s child’s play.

What do water and the human brain have in common?

How does this relate to Visual Management? Well, water is a resource — just like the human brain. Talent is scarce these days. So, you want to have your skilled employees work as efficiently as possible. That means you need to provide them with at-a-glance, actionable information in real time. It will enable them to make quick, on-the-spot decisions. By improving their efficiency, they’ll achieve the same results as a larger workforce that can’t access this type of data. And that’s how you make optimal use of your resources in times of scarcity!

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