Change the wheel, keep the car: how to make your Visual Management investment pay off

A Visual Management solution is just like your dream car. Once you’ve started using it, you don’t want a slight change in the external world to wreak havoc. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens if your process completely relies on your new system. The minute you need to connect a new system, your solution shakes to its very foundations. How to stabilize your Visual Management solution so it’s always the go-to ‘vehicle’ that helps achieve your organizational goals?

Wear and tear? Don’t get a new car!

Imagine this: after years of working hard and saving up, you can finally buy the car of your dreams. For a while, you feel pure bliss. Commuting, doing groceries, going on road trips: everything is more fun in your self-proclaimed limo. (Technically speaking it probably isn’t one, but it feels like a limousine to you, right?) At some point, though, the inevitable happens: your favorite vehicle starts to suffer from wear and tear. One wheel is screeching to be replaced. You know time has come to tinker with your car. But it would never occur to you to get a new one, right?

You change the wheel, but everything else stays the same. You can still take a seat, start the engine, and drive into the sunset every Sunday should you so desire. The angle from which you like to perceive the world remains unchanged. Plus, you’ll enjoy an even smoother ride. So your investment continues to pay off.

Connectors: the ‘wheels’ that make for a smooth Visual Management ride

If your company decides to implement a Visual Management solution, that’s quite the investment. It’s your car’s corporate counterpart. So, you want to make sure it’s future proof — that is, it should continue to be available regardless of any upcoming (market) developments.

Is that feasible? Absolutely. At Texas Digital, we use connectors to retrieve relevant data from a variety of sources and integrate it into our dashboard solution, so employees can make independent decisions based on at-a-glance, actionable, real-time information. A little while ago, we wrote about the magnificent 7 connectors to highlight the top 7 we developed in 2021. But we provide suitable connectors for any system to make sure technology supports people.

So when one of our customers recently needed a new connector, we added yet another connector to our list: Odigo. We changed ‘a wheel’ without touching ‘the car.’ Or, if you consider the Visual Management solution a house, we didn’t touch the ceiling, walls, or furniture — we simply pulled out a plug and put a new one into the socket!

Want to explore your Visual Management opportunities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your information sharing strategy.

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