How to get the most out of your information sharing strategy

Want to get the most out of your information sharing strategy? Be willing to reflect and change!

“We’ve always gone about things this way, so why change?” It’s a question that seems to be ingrained in many people. “Why reinvent the wheel?” they say. “As long as it keeps rolling we’re fine, aren’t we?”

And yes, we might be. But “fine” is not “optimized.” If you settle for “good enough,” you’ll never be great. Those who want to realize their full potential need to engage in self-reflection. The wheel might require some polishing after all this time. And who knows? Maybe it’s become completely useless, and it’s high time to invent a new wheel altogether. Your ancestors did it, so there’s no reason why you can’t.

Paving the way for optimization

Here’s what’s so great about reviewing your current approach: you’ll discover what is and isn’t working, which paves the way for improvement and optimization. And the latter is indispensable if you want to achieve your organizational goals.

If you decide to embrace Visual Management, don’t assume everything else will stay the same. That’s like buying a brand-new car but attaching worn-out wheels to it. You will have to sit down with all stakeholders (especially those on the work floor!) and develop an information sharing strategy that works. That’s exactly what we do in our business workshops, which help our customers go from blank screens to blink-of-an-eye overviews.

The results tend to be eye-opening. For example, a business workshop at our customer RRS pinpointed an important issue: employees had no real-time insight into the number of calls that were forwarded to the (costly) overflow. Consequently, they couldn’t adjust to the status quo. Armed with this knowledge, the company developed a solid information sharing strategy to minimize the overflow. Furthermore, the data displayed is now accepted as an accurate representation of reality (in the past, its accuracy was sometimes questioned). Real-time data has empowered branch managers with actionable knowledge and insights, allowing them to coordinate schedules and availability, make better decisions, save costs, and improve customer and employee satisfaction!

A little reflection goes a long way

If you’re unwilling to go down the self-reflection road, you’ll risk getting stuck in obsolete patterns, which prevents organizational growth and impacts employee happiness.

Want to explore your information sharing strategy? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss your Visual Management opportunities.

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