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Texas Digital’s ‘Why:’ what makes us tick?

Better functioning organizations which achieve improved results: that’s what we strive for. Texas Digital aims to help its customers build their companies, so they can thrive and grow. Smooth and clear communication within and between teams is key in this regard. We believe that Visual Management is the linchpin, as one picture says more than a thousand words. In this blog, we’d like to elaborate on that vision by answering the following question: What is it that makes us tick?

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From pain to gain: solve issues before they occur

Wherever output and service levels are measured, you will find an organized department that needs to guide the entire process in the right direction. It may be any organization’s contact center, but it can also be a logistics company’s warehouse or distribution center. The important thing is to know where you stand at all times. How to go about it?

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How to retain highly skilled contact center employees

Recently, we visited a number of European countries, repeatedly encountering one common question: How do we retain highly skilled customer contact center employees? A fair thing to ask, as several media have reported that it’s getting increasingly difficult to have these much sought-after talents commit to your company. They are always on the lookout, tempted to leave once a better opportunity shows up. This emanates from the sad-but-true fact that working in an customer contact center has lost its allure over time.

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Roadmap to Visualization: from ‘define’ to ‘communicate’ in 5 steps

By now, you have probably come to associate Texas Digital with Visual Management. That’s correct, because we support organizations with professional services in this field. But did you know that the way in which we realize our clients’ organizational objectives comprises a very creative process? We don’t simply deliver a solution. If you decide to work with Texas Digital, we join forces with you to implement a unique 5-step process. Allow us to elaborate!

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Human engagement and Visual Management: who would you like to talk to?

If you call a contact center, who would you rather talk to: an employee that seems to be worlds apart from you or an employee that speaks and thinks just like you? We’re going to take a wild guess and say you opt for the latter. ‘Local for local’ is an important motto within contact centers, as people feel more comfortable talking to someone who speaks in the same dialect or is from the same region.

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