Time: the key to improving employee and customer satisfaction

Time: the key to improving employee and customer satisfaction

Have you ever gardened? Then you’ve seen that seeds don’t turn into full-fledged plants overnight. They need time to grow and blossom. The same principle applies to your business. To improve your working capital, you should give your employees time — but only when the time is right. What does that mean?

Going the extra mile

Suppose you’re a contact center agent. While talking to a customer, you spot an opportunity. Based on your expertise, you can answer a secondary question — one they didn’t initially ask, but that bothers them. If you do so, you’ll provide a powerful customer experience. Now that Artificial Intelligence is implemented across industries, the human factor is increasingly important. Personalized communication creates loyalty: if you show customers you care, they will care, too.

But is it the right time to go the extra mile? If there are no queues and your co-workers are available, the answer is yes. The problem is, many organizations retrieve today’s data tomorrow—and by the time reports have been drafted, the moment to help a customer out has long passed. As an agent, you need a communication and performance board that displays actionable, topical information — any place, any time. It will help you make decisions on the spot rather than after the fact.

Retaining talent

There’s another advantage to creating time for employees where possible: their jobs will make them happier. And you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of human capital — if you keep employees happy, you’ll have a more loyal workforce, which will benefit your organization as a whole.

On top of that, it’s essential to increase employee satisfaction in this day and age. Talent is scarce yet high in demand. If you respect people, give them the time they need, and enable them to make independent decisions, they will grow and flourish.

Remember — as with gardening, you reap what you sow!

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