The importance of inclusivity in our post-pandemic, hybrid world

The importance of inclusivity in our post-pandemic, hybrid world

Office doors across the globe have opened, and life is slowly going back to normal. But the definition of ‘normal’ has changed. For example, remote working will be integrated into our post-pandemic world — more and more companies have implemented hybrid working.

Although that’s mostly a good thing, the term ‘remote’ is potentially problematic. You should be aware that employees are not in the professional habitat they used to thrive in, so they’ll quickly feel isolated and detached. How to make sure each individual stays connected to the organization and the rest of the workforce?

Part of a bigger whole

When launching the new Webex suite, Cisco emphasized the importance of inclusivity :change agent and recognized authority on ‘the future of work’ Aruna Ravichandran wrote that inclusivity is at the heart of Webex, and the suite will help people achieve their highest potential as they transition from remote to hybrid working.

We couldn’t agree more with this philosophy. In the hybrid world, an inclusive work experience is paramount to seamless collaborations and optimized efficiency. Employees need to know what’s going on department and organization wide. It will make them feel part of a bigger whole: the company. That, in turn, will help them create an inclusive customer service experience.

How to create an inclusive work experience?

Suppose employees are used to a traditional call center environment where a communication and performance board shows them the status quo. Actionable insights and knowledge, such as KPIs, current queues, and social media messages, are displayed in real time. As all call center agents are in the same room, they can make accurate decisions based on the data you share. After all, they can communicate with each other and determine who will take up what task at which moment.

With part of the workforce operating from isolated home offices, you’ll need a different approach to Visual Management. Employees should be able to access crucial information and consult with co-workers anytime, anywhere. At the same time, you need to go beyond silo data — agents should see an integral cross-silo picture. That’s where the agent desktop comes in, which helps you bring the physical contact center to agents’ living rooms. The result: an inclusive work and customer service experience!

Want to know more about the agent desktop and explore your Visual Management opportunities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to perform a Quick Scan and discuss an inclusive information sharing strategy with you.

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