A static wallboard? No, a dynamic visual communication screen!

In the world of contact centers, ‘wallboard’ is a commonly used term. The idea behind it is that you ‘throw’ a few figures on the wall for everyone to read, and that’s that. At Texas Digital, we don’t believe in wallboards. Why not? Because information should be shown in and across departments – from conversion rates, sales targets, and customer satisfaction to employee motivation, birthdays,…


To be engaged or not to be engaged: what is your stance?

Whether you love or hate soccer games, you will undoubtedly have witnessed those moments when the ball accidentally ends up in a supporter’s hands in the stadium. A new ball is instantly brought into the game, but more often than not, the supporter in question likes to throw the original ball back, thinking they might be helping the players out.


Standups are no standalone events: why you need Targeted BI

Many companies that work with lean processes organize (bi-)weekly standups to discuss progress and performances. Based on detailed information, an overall score is assigned to each team. Usually, performances are categorized as good, average, or bad. Until the next standup, this will be the ‘label’ that a team carries along. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that teams don’t become demotivated. They need to be able to improve on a day-to-day basis and see their results right away rather than during the next standup. The key to achieving this is Targeted BI (Business Intelligence). Allow us to elaborate!


What is Targeted BI (and why is it a must for your organization)?

Targeted BI (Business Information) consists of making connections to all data systems, collecting information, and presenting all relevant data to the right (groups of) people to create real-time awareness. It is a must for every organization that wishes to work in an effective, streamlined, and organized way, so its people can achieve the best possible results. Why, you ask? We’ll explain it in this blog!


Lighthouse on Ameland: your organization’s proverbial beacon?

It’s January 2018. People everywhere have ushered in the new year and are generally in good spirits. Regardless of their resolutions, they’ve made all kinds of plans to make it a great and successful year. To achieve this all-important goal, it is paramount to have a beacon: a distant yet clearly visible point that you’re sailing towards. It so happens that this is also the case in Visual Management. Allow us to explain!


Tree topper, show(s)topper: the glue that holds everything together

Christmas is the time to gather around a beautifully decorated tree and enjoy some quality time together. As the Christmas tree plays a pivotal role during the holidays, most people spend a significant amount of time decorating it. Garlands, figures, bells, and other ornaments are carefully hung in the branches by adults and children alike. But the pinnacle of perfection is the tree topper, and putting it on the tree is always a special moment. Think about it: whether ’fully-packed’ or scarcely decorated, there is no Christmas tree without a tree topper.


On apple sauce, cherry, and the importance of visual

One of Holland’s major hotel chains used to serve children its trademark treat: traditional Dutch apple sauce, topped with a fire-red cherry. Of course, the apple sauce was delicious, but that single cherry did the trick. Time and again, it was the eye-catcher – the reason why children pulled their parents’ sleeves and asked for this particular dessert.


Visual Management: why opt for Texas Digital?

In our blogs, we have been talking a lot about Visual Management. Today, we want to address two important questions which are directly related to this topic: Why does Texas Digital exist, and why should you opt for working with us?